What is Vanesia

We are what we eat

Those who love to keep fit and those who love good food know this. Always knowing what you have on your plate, whether at home or at a restaurant, is vital, and tools to recognize all ingredients are a must have


Take a picture of your dish, the app will recognize the dish, calculate its calories and reveal recipes


Learn about our starred recipes, discover fitness and lifestyle tips. All in one place

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What is Vanesia

What can you do with

Calorie Count

Thanks to the data processed by the app, you will always be able to keep track of the amount of calories consumed daily

Calorie Count

Food Recognition

Take pictures of your dishes and find out how to recreate them. You will also gain access to exclusive content on starred recipes and cooking tips.

Food Recognition

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Fitness Tips

Yoga classes, training tips, guides and tutorials on exercises and training


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Studio Yoga

Follow our yoga programs to improve while having fun

Studio Yoga

Vanesia: your health in a click

Download the App, create your profile, set your goals

and let our algorithm guide you.


Talk About Us...

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Vanesia is not just an app

It is a decidedly innovative project that has engaged me since its genesis. And of course, don't miss any of the recipes in the app! You will understand how to eat healthily while not giving up the taste and beauty of a dish

Giancarlo Baldestein

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Vanesia is a great tool

To learn in depth about what you are eating, what can hurt you, and what is needed to achieve your goals. Using Vanesia means choosing to make positive changes in your life without procrastinating anymore

Franca Fiacconi

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Vanesia is really super!

A powerhouse of technology that is helping me more and more to be aware about foods and what they can give my body and my health as a whole

Fabio Vasco


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