Transform your body with effective strength training

Transform your body with effective strength training

By admin

It often happens that we do not complete a goal when we train because we encounter so many obstacles. If, however, we overcome the obstacles we feel like winners and inwardly renewed, and at the moment when we feel fatigue, suffering and no longer have control over our body, if we think that it is precisely at the moment of difficulty if we overcome it we become stronger and will be able to advance toward the goal. The satisfaction in this case will be great, and if you also love fitness and want to transform your body with effective strength training below I will reveal some little-known exercises but with which you can make your workout that will turn your body into a war machine.

Crab toe/touch (bridge with hand/foot touch)

This is an exercise with which all the muscles of the body are involved and which will show you what it means to train with a purpose. The purpose is to improvebalance, coordination and management of all your body segments, to get into the view that each element of the body is symbiotic with the others to work together and move through space. Here is how to perform this exercise:

  • Reach the bridge position by having the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands firmly adhere to the ground;
  • Lift one upper limb and one contralateral lower limb off the ground and join the two limbs in the air with a hand/foot touch without losing the basic balance with which you will have a correct working position;
  • From this position slowly return to the bridge and do the same movement on the opposite side and so on.

Sprawl squat (Squat with ground extension)

The Sprawl technique is usually used in MMA and is used to put your opponent on the mat in response to a previous attack by him. Here, however, you will have no opponents but only need to repeat the technique so as to mobilize the spine in the correct way and strengthen the muscles of the upper limbs and shoulders as well as all the lower limbs at the time you are in the Squat position. To perform it:

  • Lie prone on the floor;
  • Fully extend your arms trying to keep your pelvis and knees in contact with the ground (sprawl);
  • From here reach the Squat position with the gluteal stop slightly below 90° and with the knees compulsorily behind the toes;
  • Alternately extend the lower limbs behind after placing your hands on the ground in line with the two medial malleoli so that you can return to lying prone again and be able to perform a new repetition until the entire set is completed.

Double legs/arms dead crunch (abs in isometrics).

This exercise works the abdominal wall and is very effective but very simple. Also very good for stabilizing the spine, which in this position unloads from the force of gravity and the load on the intervertebral discs. Here is how to perform the exercise:

  • Stand on your stomach and go into a crunch position with your legs flexed to the floor (your shoulders and head at the moment keep them supported on the floor);
  • Bend your knees toward your chest so that you have a perfect 90° angle between your femur and tibia;
  • Place your hands in contact with your knees, trying to keep your upper limbs extended without bending them;
  • Lift the shoulders and upper back and at the same time try to push off the lower limbs with the force of the upper limbs and vice versa so that you always remain in the same position producing only isometric force without movement;
  • You will have a shaking sensation produced by generating heat without work;
  • Oppose maximum resistance for the set time.