Diet and training, how to rejuvenate by six years

Diet and training, how to rejuvenate by six years

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Eating well and performing physical activity not only gives aesthetic benefits, but is important for having a good standard of living. Smoking, of course, is a great enemy of health. That said, let’s see what are the healthy attitudes by which we can stay young and healthy with diet and workout, so much so that we rejuvenate by six years.

Diet and workout, the secrets to rejuvenation

The American Heart Association has made the list of “8 Essentials for Life,” where it also includes the good habit of doing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week, a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, nuts and lean protein, and eliminating smoking. In this way you can improve your cardiovascular health. This study will be presented at the Congress of American Cardiologists in Philadelphia, and “anti-aging” effects will also be highlighted.

Healthy habits and longer life

Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City has carried out a study from which it was found that those who do not have healthy habits usually have a body that is on average four years older than their childbearing age. It is appropriate to sleep between seven and nine hours a night, vere a healthy weight and control cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. According to the study, moreover, these pointers not only improve heart health but may also slow down the aging process. This comes from some findings that came out of a careful examination of more than 6,500 participants and by collecting detailed information on how well they adhered to the heart-saving precepts.

The benefits of regular physical activity

According to a calculation by the scholars of the true age of their bodies, it turned out that an estimate of biological age comes from measuring levels of substances in the body that are involved in metabolism, inflammation and organ function, such as glucose and creatinine, data that give a more complete picture of how a person is aging. According to Nour Makarem, the epidemiologist who led the work, “Sticking to the list can slow down the body’s aging process, which has many benefits, including increasing disease-free years and reducing the risk of premature death.” So those with healthy lifestyles have a biological age that is on average of their chronological age, while others have an average biological age that is four years greater than their chronological age.