Opening the Heart Chakra: The Discovery of a Transformative Meditation in Lanzarote

Opening the Heart Chakra: The Discovery of a Transformative Meditation in Lanzar...

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Lanzarote, a volcanic island in the Canary Islands, is a fascinating fusion of art and nature, thanks to the creative legacy of César Manrique. This visionary artist created works that blend seamlessly with the landscape, celebrating the harmony between the human and natural elements. This philosophy is also reflected in Paradisus Salinas Lanzarote by Meliá, a recently opened resort designed by Spanish architect Fernando Higueras.

Here, white – Manrique’s favorite color – stands out against the black of volcanic lava and rock formations, creating a breathtaking visual contrast. Frescoes, sculptures and tropical gardens further enrich the experience, adding color, warmth and a deep connection to the surroundings.

A Microcosm of Holistic Wellness

Paradisus Salinas Lanzarote by Meliá stands out as an adults-only luxury retreat, offering its guests a holistic wellness experience. It is in this setting that the resort recently announced a partnership with two leading wellness companies: Sadhana Works and The Chopra Foundation.

This collaboration will come to fruition through a program of classes and workshops focused on inner transformation, offering guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in practices of deep awareness and connection. Among them, the “Radical Love” program caught our attention, leading us to discover a special meditation to open the heart chakra.

Kundalini Yoga: The Key to Opening the Heart Chakra

With a moonscape behind us and the ocean in front of us, we immersed ourselves in the practice of Kundalini Yoga guided by the voice and presence of Mariana Harpreet, founder of Sadhana Works and a student of guru Deepak Chopra.

This form of yoga, often considered challenging at first, turned out to be deeply liberating. The breathing techniques, sounds and physical movements led us to let go, accessing an almost primal inner dimension.

The highlight of the practice was the Sat Kartar mantra, aimed at opening the heart chakra. The sound “Sat” means “truth,” while “Kartar” means “the one who accomplishes.” Together, these two sounds evoke the manifestation of truth, accompanied by specific arm movements.

Sitting with our legs crossed and our backs straight, we performed a fluid sequence of hand positions, moving from praying at the chest, to opening our arms at shoulder height, to extending our arms parallel to the floor. This combination of chanting and movement ignited a deep energy within us.

Exploring Awareness: A Journey of Inner Transformation

The “Radical Love” program continued with a class taught by Mariana Harpreet and Gabriella Wright of the Chopra Foundation, the organization founded by Deepak Chopra to promote a holistic view of health and well-being.

During the workshop, Mariana and Gabriella led us in an exploration of mindfulness, a concept that is increasingly finding its way outside “new age” circles. They emphasized how mindfulness cannot provide definitive answers about the meaning of existence, but can help us live better.

Through simple questions such as “Who am I?”, “What do I long for?”, “What am I grateful for?”, “What is my purpose in this life?”, “What can I do for others?”, we were invited to stop, not to do, and go to a more subtle level of understanding ourselves. This journey of inner exploration left a deep impression on us, giving us a moment of sharing and personal enrichment.

The Collaboration between Paradisus by Meliá and Chopra Foundation.

The partnership between Paradisus by Meliá and the Chopra Foundation does not stop there. In the second half of 2024, Deepak Chopra himself will be in Palma de Mallorca for the “Sages and Scientists” event, a seminar dedicated to dialogue on the connections between health, humanity, the cosmos, and consciousness.

This collaboration is part of Paradisus by Meliá’s “Destination Inclusive” concept, a formula that combines all-inclusive luxury hospitality with activities that allow people to discover and experience the traditions and flavors of the places where the resort is located.

For example, from Paradisus Salinas Lanzarote, guests can participate in guided tours of the Jameos del Agua natural complex and César Manrique’s Jardines del Cactus, as well as an excursion to the El Grifo winery, where vines grow in a unique landscape setting amid the island’s volcanic ash. These experiences help weave a profound dialogue between the external environment and the guests’ inner geography.

Conclusion: Opening the Heart through Transformative Practices.

Paradisus Salinas Lanzarote by Meliá has proven to be much more than just a luxury resort. Through its partnership with entities such as Sadhana Works and the Chopra Foundation, it offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a journey of inner transformation, exploring practices such as Kundalini Yoga and meditation for opening the heart chakra.

In this microcosm of holistic wellness, guests can allow themselves to be guided toward greater self-awareness, connecting deeply with their surroundings and finding a balance between the outside and the inside. This unique experience, rooted in César Manrique’s philosophy and enriched by leading wellness collaborations, offers an extraordinary opportunity to open the heart and embrace a broader vision of life.

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