Running: Training Plans for All Levels

Running: Training Plans for All Levels

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Having a running training plan is important both to start getting familiar with running, but also to improve runningspeed and endurance. Running is a good way to lose weight and kick-start your metabolism, improve your cardiorespiratory and vascular condition, and have more energy. But it is essential to start in the right way so that you slowly improve so that you do not get injured. If it is not performed in the right way, in fact, many injuries can occur, perhaps due to poor technique, inadequate training or nonexistent physical preparation. Following a training plan, therefore, is useful for all levels, both to get started and to improve.

What is a running training plan

A running training plan is a predefined program by which you plan your workouts from start to finish for your goals, such as to:

  • Improve your performance;
  • Get back into shape;
  • Slimming down;
  • Prepare for a marathon or trail running.

Running training program: which one to choose

Each program should be run for several weeks before starting the next program. It is important to select a program according to your training level and also to change the type of training often so as not to make the body adapt. The programs we see together last from 5 to 8 weeks, are neither too short nor too long, and can help with motivation. Between programs, it is good to run for 2 weeks without worrying about following a specific training but just for the pleasure of running and you will see great results.

Running training program for beginners

The first thing you should do when you reg approach running is to be gradual, so be gentle with your body because it is a fragile machine composed of muscles, tendons, joints, heart, and lungs. This beginner’s running program aims to get you in 6 weeks to run 30 minutes without stopping and without being fatigued, training 2 times a week. When you get to 30 minutes, continue running for 2 weeks 30 minutes 2 times a week and you can move on to the intermediate.

Intermediate program to lose weight

The program is done in 6 weeks of work, with 3 workouts per week, by which you will get to run 10 km, but it is good never to do two consecutive running sessions. It is a workout that focuses on distance and not time, and there is no intensity to get to, everyone has their own pace and you have to run at yours, depending on your age and physical condition.

Interval running program

Interval training in running (10-20-30) is a workout that aims to go to improve the performance of runners. It is based on alternating periods of high-intensity running with low-intensity periods, all in a 30-minute workout. It is to be done 3 times a week for 7 weeks. It involves 1 km of running at a medium pace and 4 blocks of running of 5 minutes each, followed by 2 minutes of walking. Each block is divided into 5 intervals of 1 minute each, and in each interval you have to run for 30 seconds at low intensity, for 20 seconds at medium intensity, and for 10 seconds at maximum intensity.