The best 50 Asian restaurants of 2024

The best 50 Asian restaurants of 2024

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Asia is a region rich in unique culture and culinary traditions, which are reflected in its many high-quality restaurants. Every year, the list of Asia’s top 50 restaurants is revealed, showcasing the best of the continent’s culinary scene. In this article, we will explore the 2024 results and find out which restaurants earned a place of honor on the list.

The evaluation criteria

Before we dive into the results, it is important to understand the evaluation criteria used by the jury to select the best Asian restaurants. The jury is composed of industry experts, including renowned chefs, food critics and influencers. Restaurants are evaluated on several factors, including food quality, culinary innovation, overall experience, and restaurant reputation.

The top 50 Asian restaurants of 2024

Here is an overview of the top ten restaurants on the list of the Best 50 Asian Restaurants of 2024:

1. Sezanne (Tokyo)

2. Florilege (Tokyo)

3. Gaggan Anand (Bangkok)

4. The Chairman (Hong Kong)

5. Wing (Hong Kong)

6. Nusara (Bangkok)

7. Suhring (Bangkok)

8. Den (Tokyo)

9. La Cime (Osaka)

10. Odette (Singapore)

11. Sorn (Bangkok)

12. Le Du (Bangkok)

13. Mingles (Seoul)

14. Narisawa (Tokyo)

15. Burnt Ends (Singapore)

16. Neighborhood (Hong Kong)

17. Potong (Bangkok)

18. 7th Door (Seoul)

19. Fu He Hui (Shanghai)

20. Euphoria (Singapore)

21. Onjium (Seoul)

22. Logy, Taipei

23. Masque (Mumbai)

24. Toyo Eatery (Manila)

25. Born (Singapore)

26. Indian Accent (New Delhi)

27. Mono (Hong Kong)

28. Meta (Singapore)

29. Samrub Samrub Thai (Bangkok)

30. Labyrinth (Singapore)

31. Seroja (Singapore)

32. Caprice (Hong Kong)

33. JL Studio (Taichung, Taiwan)

34. Mume (Taipei)

35. Villa Aida (Wakayama, Japan)

36. Ling Long (Shanghai)

37. Ando (Hong Kong)

38. Les Amis (Singapore)

39. Sazenka (Tokyo)

40. 102 House (Shanghai)

41. Mosu (Seoul)

42. Baan Tepa (Bangkok)

43. Lolla (Singapore)

44. Avartana (Chennai, India)

45. Goh (Fukuoka, Japan)

46. August (Jakarta)

47. Cenci (Kyoto, Japan)

48. Anan Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

49. Chef Tam’s Seasons (Macau)

50. Meet the Bund (Shanghai)

Interestingly, the list includes a variety of restaurants from different Asian cities and countries. This demonstrates the diversity and culinary excellence found throughout Asia.

Unique dining experiences

Each restaurant on the top 50 list offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience. From the art of presentation to the mix of surprising flavors, these restaurants stand out for their creativity and culinary mastery. Some restaurants focus on traditional cuisine, offering authentic dishes that tell the story of the country. Others, however, experiment with innovative ingredients and cutting-edge cooking techniques, creating surprising and innovative dishes.

Emerging culinary trends

In addition to revealing the best restaurants, the 2024 Asian Top 50 Restaurants list also provides an opportunity to identify emerging culinary trends in Asia. This year, there are a few trends that stood out. One of these is the growing interest in using local and sustainable ingredients. Many restaurants are embracing organic farming and working with local producers to ensure fresh, high-quality ingredients. Another trend is a focus on health and wellness. Restaurants are offering more creative vegetarian and vegan options and emphasizing the presentation of healthy and nutritious dishes.


The 2024 Asian Best 50 Restaurants list is an opportunity to discover and appreciate the continent’s culinary diversity. From traditional flavors to modern innovations, these restaurants represent the best of the Asian food scene. Whether you are a food enthusiast or a traveler looking for unique dining experiences, this list is a great starting point to explore Asian cuisine and be inspired by the talents of the region’s top chefs.

If you’re planning a trip to Asia or are simply curious to try new flavors, take note of the restaurants on the list of the Best 50 Asian Restaurants of 2024 and be surprised by the continent’s culinary artistry. Enjoy!

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