How to Start a Yoga Podcast? Here’s How

How to Start a Yoga Podcast? Here’s How

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Podcasting has become an increasingly popular way to share knowledge and connect with a passionate audience. If you are a yoga teacher or an enthusiast of this age-old practice, you may be interested in creating your own yoga podcast. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basic steps to starting a successful podcast, taking advice from Rosie Acosta, the popular host of the “Radically Loved” yoga podcast.

Who is Rosie Acosta?

Rosie Acosta is an asana and meditation teacher and holistic health coach. Her podcast “Radically Loved” has amassed more than 120,000 followers through her insights on topics such as forgiveness and the power of intention. Acosta has also hosted prominent figures such as Dr. David Freidman, known for his work on sustainable nutrition, and British therapist Marisa Peer.

1. Believe in your message

If you want to start a successful podcast, you must fully believe in your message. Passion is contagious, and if you are enthusiastic about what you share, your audience will sense it. Share what you are passionate about and create or learn, and most importantly, believe in what you do. This is the key to building strong relationships with your listeners.

2. Be authentic

To make a connection with your audience, you must be authentic. People don’t like to feel sold or told what to do. Your voice should be genuine, as if you were having a conversation with a friend. There should be a naturalness and warmth in your voice. Some of my favorite podcasts to learn are “Yogaland,” “Highest Self,” “Wabi Sabi,” “Earn Your Happy,” and “Free Cookies.”

3. Listen to your audience

Always invite your listeners to connect with you. Share your email address or social media accounts so your audience can ask you questions and share their stories and feedback. Podcasting is about building a relationship with your community, and it cannot be one-sided. You can decide what to do or not to do with feedback, but your audience will appreciate feeling acknowledged when they have strong opinions on certain topics or a specific type of guest. Create an email address dedicated solely to listener inquiries.

4. Keep the headlines truthful

Don’t create an episode called “How to make donuts” and then talk about how to make soup. People don’t like to be tricked. It might help you attract listeners initially, but it doesn’t create the basis for a lasting relationship. You want your audience to know what they are getting so that they begin to build a bond with you. You don’t have to be too fancy with titles, but definitely put some thought into them.

5. Ask the experts for help

Part of what helped me build an audience was getting in touch with authors and leaders of topics I wanted to address. In the beginning, you have to build credibility, even if you have expertise in your topic of choice, and consulting experts is a great way to do that. It drives me crazy when I listen to podcasts and the host constantly interrupts the guest. People will listen to your podcast because they are interested in learning, so go on a journey with them and learn something new.


Starting a yoga podcast can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. By following Rosie Acosta’s advice, you can create an authentic podcast that connects with your audience and shares your passion for yoga. Remember to believe in your message, be authentic, listen to your audience, keep your titles truthful, and seek help from experts. Good luck on your yogic podcasting journey!

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